What are the Customer Care Trends Since 2021?

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Different companies all around the world have already realized that customer service is a big part of the growth of their business. In 2022, businesses are supposed to be up to date with the latest customer service and customer care trends. 

In orde to be able to apply the right pillars for effective customer care, there needs to be several services and tools combined in order to make the strategies the best in customer service.

What is Customer Care? 

“The customer who leaves for prices, will return for service. While the one who leaves for service, will not return at any price.” Wilton Loaiza

This is a great quote that explains how in the last decade, customer service has evolved and become of great importance because it has a crucial role when it comes to the strategic plan and steps to follow in any customer centric business. 

Sprinklr explains how, before COVID-19 pandemic, 75% of customers said they expected help within the first five minutes of them asking for it. 

Customer care must understand and ensure the treatment given to all customers during an interaction with a brand or service. This process helps create an emotional bond and makes sure that each person lives a unique positive experience. 

Through all the pandemic changes and even before, there has been a drastic change in customer expectations. Some of these customer care trends since 2021 can be summarized in the different needs customers are having in their daily lives.  

The five main customer service trends are:

  • Making sure your company has Customer Service at all times and anywhere through different channels.
  • Customers prefer self- service.
  • Automation for different support channels in one platform.
  • By making your live agents’ jobs easier and more efficient, you set them up to focus more on complexity, and how to better handle tough conversations.
  • Customer service when automated should not be difficult to fix. 

As a first step, it’s recommended to understand what your customers want while interacting with you. Making sure you can solve customers’ problems with speed and convenience, but also being empathetic and committed to the main issues they want to solve. This new high bar can be challenging at times, but it can mean a great difference between loyalty and lost customers. 


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