Customer Care: Five Tips for your Business in the New Reality

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Allied Global shares five amazing tips that will allow customer care departments to optimize their activity in this new era and their business in the new reality.

With the COVID-19 pandemic businesses and organizations have had to adapt to extraordinary circumstances and situations. Different businesses have reinvented their products and services, to guarantee continuity in their business, and they had to do all of this with uninterrupted customer care. 

After the pandemic, and with all the new technologies evolving, consumers need to be sure of the products and services they are purchasing and they expect a personalized service that adapts to their needs in order to reinforce their confidence. Companies have a challenge in gaining the loyalty of their customers due to customer satisfaction problems. 

For you to be able to successfully apply them, here are some tips that can help prioritize the next steps for your business: 

  1. Use automation for interactions

At the start of the pandemic, the average volume of calls received by businesses increased by up to 1,000%, and wait times were higher. This helped people notice that customer care management is based on the intelligence that is added to the software. Using VPN solutions (virtual private network), VDI (virtual desktop) or cloud instances for remote service, automation tools based on Artificial Intelligence help respond to interactions, especially when these increase. 

  1. Humanize your business and make it accessible

Since most of the situations now are socially distanced, companies must make the customers feel close to them. They can reach this level of closeness by being accessible. A company can become this by humanizing interaction, being empathic, making communication simple or even comfortable for people with disabilities. By using APIs and SDKs it is easy to add a video chat service to any browser or mobile app. 

  1. Combine multiple channels

When you combine different designs on products and services, as well as add a good customer experience, your business can become better. By being able to be in contact with customers at any time and place through multiple channels – calls, voice, web, video, e-mail, chat, SMS etc, one can offer a perfect omnichannel experience. 

  1. Asynchronous communication

After the pandemic, people learned that customers want to interact not only in different ways (channels) but also at different times. With asynchronous communication, contacts can be paused, extended and resumed at any time. Being able to preserve data and being able to use it at a given time to make processes faster is a great way to give your customers what they want. 

  1. From the engagement center to the Responsive Contact Center

Companies now rely on customer care that is proactive and customer focused. However, after the pandemic, the new approach is being a responsive contact center. Being an omnichannel business helps to prioritize customer problems through a 24/7 service, connecting the dots with previous conversations and creating a personalized experience for the customer. 


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