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Allied Global delivers business and technology outsourcing solutions that help our customers grow their companies. We are committed to ensuring the integrity and privacy of our Customer Personal Information, and that of our customers’ end user.


Allied Global delivers business and technology outsourcing solutions that help our customers grow their companies. We offer a variety of solutions, including omnichannel customer interaction services, back-office solutions, Project Management Officers, and high-end technology solutions that include IT Outsourcing, Web and App Development, Digital Solutions, and others. Due to the nature of the services, we are committed to ensuring the integrity and privacy of our Customer Personal Information, and that of our customers’ end user.

Our company’s privacy practices are developed in accordance with the applicable legislation relating to privacy and information security, which may include, but is not limited to the EU General Data Protection Regulation (Regulation (EU) 2016/679), as nationally implemented, supplemented, amended and replaced from time to time (“GDPR”), the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (“HIPAA”).

Allied Global is committed to ensuring that our privacy management practices comply with the Applicable Privacy Laws as well as with our customer contract agreements, which may include assisting our customers with their own privacy compliance requirements. We work, together with our customers, to protect their privacy in all the services we offer.

This Allied Global Privacy Policy (hereon “Privacy Policy”) outlines the responsibilities of Allied Global and its subsidiaries (hereon “Allied Global” or “we”) concerning the protection of Personal Information entrusted to Allied Global by our Customers.

Scope and Application

This Privacy Policy applies to the Customer Personal Information that is in Allied Global’s custody for the purpose of providing services to our customers. It includes Customer Personal Information that is in the possession of Allied Global’s service providers who have been contracted to provide services on the company’s behalf.

All Allied Global employees, providers, and agents with access to Customer Personal Information are required to comply with this Privacy Policy.

Executive Responsibility

Protecting the privacy of our clients is an integral part of our services, and all the members of Allied Global’s executive team have the responsibility to enable and oversee operational compliance with Allied Global’s privacy policies and procedures within their own areas of responsibility, ensuring all business units are properly aware of and resourced to meet our privacy obligations.

Employee Accountability

Allied Global recognizes that all employees play a crucial role in earning and maintaining the trust of our customers. That every year, all Allied Global employees undergo a mandatory annual privacy training to ensure they are aware of, and comply with, the applicable laws and all our policies, including this Privacy Policy.


When you visit our website for the first time, we ask for your consent before using cookies that are not necessary for the functionality of our website, but we also give you the liberty to change your preferences at any time.

For this purpose, we may send one or more cookies, which are small text files containing a string of alphanumeric characters, to your computer that uniquely identifies your browser. A cookie may also gather information for us about how you use our website and allow us to provide a better web browsing experience to you and other over time. It is important to mention that the cookies we send WILL NOT give us access to your computer or allow us to collect or process any personal information that you have not given us.

You will always have the liberty of adjusting your web browser’s settings to detect or disable cookies if you prefer, but this may affect the navigation of our site.

End User Personal Information

What End User Personal Information do we process?

In order to provide the best services to our customers, we process Personal Information that relates to End Users and which is entrusted to Allied Global by its customers. Such Personal Information consists of, among others:

How is End User Personal Information processed?

Allied Global processes End User Personal Information as instructed by our customers in order to:

How may we disclose End User Personal Information?

1. Third Party Service Providers:

2. Group Companies:

3. Legal Obligations:

How do we protect End User Personal Information that is disclosed internationally?

Allied Global complies with the Applicable Privacy Laws when transferring End User Personal Information to and from different countries.


As Allied Global does not have a direct relationship with End Users, the company requires that every customer obtain any necessary consents or other authorizations required under Applicable Privacy Laws, so that Allied Global may process End User Personal Information for the purposes set out in this Privacy Policy on behalf of the Customer.


Allied Global has a policy that respects the record retention and will keep End User Personal Information only if it remains necessary or relevant for the purposes of providing services to Customers and in accordance with the terms and conditions of the contractual agreement with the Customer unless we need to keep information longer due to legal or regulatory requirements.


Allied Global does not verify the accuracy of End User Personal Information when it is received from a customer. The company relies on its customers to ensure the accuracy and completeness of the End User Personal Information that has been supplied to Allied Global for the identified purposes and for us to perform services for its customers.

Allied Global will take reasonable steps to maintain the integrity of the End User Personal Information and will ensure that appropriate safeguards are in place to protect any End User Personal Information in its custody.

Individual Rights

Unless we specifically contract to do so as part of the provision of services to one of our customers, Allied Global will not generally respond directly to requests or inquiries from End Users with regards to the processing of their Personal Information. We will instead make reasonable efforts to direct inquiries and access requests made by End Users to the appropriate customer.

Our customers should always advise End Users to consult customers’ own privacy policies to familiarize themselves with their rights under Applicable Privacy Laws.

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