Ways your Business can Innovate in Customer Experience

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A great example of innovation in customer experience is McDonalds. In 1952, this restaurant had only eight milkshake machines, each being able to produce five milkshakes at a time. At the same time, the restaurant had a burger stand. 

Through efficiency and product quality, McDonalds has been able to grow into the name and the reputation of the largest fast food chain in the world. Innovation in a business no matter how big or small can make it unique and offer something that competitors can’t. 

Remember, innovation and success do not come overnight, so being able to work on the planning, testing, strategies and your customer experience can add more value to your business and your customers relationship with it. 

Innovation vs. Improvement 

When we talk about innovation, it’s important to differentiate it from the improvement the business can have. When you experience innovation, you can explore and think about a new experience that will be presented to the client. When you improve your business and its strategy, you are talking about updates and changes to be made in an existing experience. 

For example, have in mind Uber. Uber is a wonderful company that understands innovation. Instead of changing the cab and taxi industry, it found a different way of offering people a way to move, not by buying cars, but by creating a platform that connected people with cars that wanted an additional income with people that needed easy access to a ride. Uber was built on an existing customer experience, but made it better, and added new working opportunities for this business. 

Ways to Innovate your Customer Experience

If you are looking for some tips on how to innovate in your customer experience, we have you covered. Below you will find some tips to reach your desired innovation:

  1. Have an online presence: by doing so, you are making your company and business more accessible and more potential customers will be able to discover your business.
  2. Make your customers loyal: You can add a loyalty program to add value to your business, product or service. Keep yourself relevant. 
  3. Provide an omnichannel support: Having different channels for your customers to reach you is an innovative way to have the best customer experience. 
  4. Automate your process: By automating your routines, you can support your customer experience. Make your workflows easier and let little actions become more efficient. 
  5. Create a customer first culture: Remember to think about your customers and what their needs are. Prioritize the communication and solving pain points before the rest of the organization. 

Remember, innovation doesn’t happen overnight. But you can surely start working on it today! Create a strong connection with your customers and give them what they need, plus whatever the competitors can’t give them!

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