What can QA and SQA services do for your business?

To understand Allied Global’s services in Quality Assurance and Software Quality Assurance, we must understand the differences between these two services. Although they share similarities, there are differences between the two services; below, we will find each service’s specifications.

Quality Assurance, QA for short, is the measure of excellence or the state of being free of defects, deficiencies, and significant variations. Within technological development, It is carried out by a strict and consistent commitment to specific standards that achieve the uniformity of a product to meet the particular requirements of the customer or user.

For its part, Software Quality Assurance, SQA for short, is the service that an IT company can offer to people who have developed its software or applications with other vendors. Still, they want to validate to make sure the final product is 100% functional.

Today, these services have become critical for businesses because they can help you maintain a good customer relationship, improve business confidence, and improve your experience working with you and your application.

Thanks to these two services, we have made processes efficient within our client portfolio as follows. We have managed to ensure that the program corresponds to your specifications, allowing you to discover possible software defects and ensure that it runs perfectly. Likewise, through our experience and solids in the market, we have learned how far we can push the system before it fails, understanding the risk involved in freeing the system to its users.

What sets us apart in Allied Global from other QA and SQA providers is primarily the quality of our services. We currently offer unmatched capabilities with a full suite of Enterprise DevOps and unique intellectual property consulting and implementation services that help you accelerate innovation and deliver high-quality applications faster.

Allied Global Integration and Continuous Testing Services will allow you to increase application development and delivery quality and speed through our DevOps model’s best race technology. We also accelerate deployment, using Model Office as a benchmark for deploying, accepting, and adopting necessary DevOps practices, processes, and tools.

Let us take your business to the next level with the support we have within Allied ITS due to IT services’ highly focused on providing customized solutions to our customers. We are characterized by continuous improvement to overcome the expectations with our experience in the IT field and our exceptional attention to detail. We offer near-shore and world-class onshore services in neighboring countries like Honduras, Mexico, and the United States.

For more information, feel free to contact our business development team to help you achieve sustainable growth through a customized plan for your business. Contact us at www.alliedglobal.com

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