Visit of MAIA Young Pioneers to the Allied Global facilities

On October 11 and 18, nine young pioneers of MAIA Impact School were carried out as one more stage of the alliance between The Allied Foundation and the MAIA Association.

As part of the strategic objectives of the alliance to give access to opportunities to young Pioneers to direct their professional development and work towards a sustainable future, transforming society by contributing their skills and knowledge to ensure a dignified future, they were planned for young people who were evaluated in their bilingual skills and identified in the selection process with a sufficient level to participate in the English academy, obtaining a full scholarship of total immersion of 12 weeks.

The visit fulfilled the objective of knowing the Allied Academy’s requirements to be part of these scholarships and getting to know first-hand the company Allied Global. The benefits of being part of the collaborators of this organization since at the end of their scholarship, they can be evaluated and opt to obtain a customer service job in one of the most emblematic accounts of the organization in the modality of remote work.

During the visit, they had the opportunity to get to know the Call Center Facilities in the Pacific I and II building, talk with different account supervisors of both sales and customer service. The visit hosts were the Account Manager, Fernando Valdizón, and Miss Marys Barillas, Shift Manager of this same account. They explained the telephone agent requirements and how this account’s development and growth route works. Likewise, they shared their personal experiences throughout their personal and professional development process within the organization.

During the tour of the facilities, they were able to talk with the account supervisors, Catarina De León and Jorge Samayoa. They shared the challenges and satisfactions faced by agents who have sales skills and how they began answering calls in the company over the years and managed to develop a team of 20 telephone advisors each. Kathy encouraged them to strive since she comes from an indigenous community in Quiché. Today, thanks to her English language learning, dedication, and perseverance in the goals she has set herself professionally. She has managed to have her own house, vehicle, help her family financially, and is finishing her university studies; Kathy mentioned that she had achieved this by working at Allied Global for nine years.

In both visits, they had the opportunity to listen to audio recordings of customer calls that the local QA team shared with them and explained to them the role of this critical department within quality assurance and adherence to processes within the call center industry. The MAIA Young Pioneers demonstrated their bilingual skills by sharing their understanding of the contexts of the calls and the challenges that the telephone advisors tried to solve during their attention with the clients. It was very satisfying for the young women to identify that they can understand conversations in English, even at this stage of their language learning process.

To end the visit, they had the opportunity to share with the Director of Operations Tányara Girón, who expressed her enthusiasm for this opportunity for transformative development that is opening opportunities for the Young Pioneers of the West of the country through Association.

MAIA and the impact that will mean having a formal and dignified job for young women. Their communities and family environments also mean being able to continue university studies and improve in a third language (Kaqchikel, Spanish, and English), thus contributing to their family and community economy. Tányara mentioned to them; the love for their family and their desire to improve are cornerstones for their personal development. They should not stop dreaming and striving because every decision they make today will allow them to have better opportunities in the future, becoming an example of development to follow.

We thank Asociación MAIA because it will provide young pioneers with the opportunity to take their English classes within their facilities to ensure that internet connectivity is adequate. The moment the young women pass their exams and can opt to be hired, MAIA will be the ally to provide this opportunity for their work to develop in the best possible environment, in a safe, comfortable environment with the right computer equipment.

Thank you, MAIA, because this strategic alliance with Allied Global Foundation allows us to dream together and take firm steps building opportunities for actual transformative development and generating employability in Young Pioneers that will cause an infinite impact in their community. We are building a sustainable alliance between the Foundation and the MAIA Association through concrete actions that seek the benefit of Young Pioneers who aspire to generate systemic change in their communities.

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