How does the cloud platform work for a business?

What is a Cloud Platform?

They are infrastructure services, platforms, or software systems through the internet; it is known as a cloud because they are located remotely in a virtual space. The cloud platform is a secure environment, easily accessible and on-demand.

They are services that charge for consumption and scale in a much easier and more controlled way.

How does Cloud Platform work?

They are large companies that make available to the public the use of their infrastructure on demand, charging for the use of this and guaranteeing security, high availability, scaling, and other benefits of great importance in the industry.

Companies or individuals who use these services benefit by cost optimization by not creating their own Data Center and its administration, but by consuming what is necessary for their company or project, under a monthly billing and with high-level service guarantees.

What types of Platforms are there? (AWS, Azure & Google Cloud)

Since there are different providers, the cloud is not only one; among the largest and most known are AWS (Amazon Web Services), Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform.

These large platforms offer Software as a Service (SaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS), and Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) services.

What types of tools are available through these platforms? 

The tools are pretty extensive, and depending on the cloud, there are specific tools in some areas. Still, among the most common, we can find Computing services (virtual machines, containers, etc.), Storage, Databases, Networks, Migrations, the Internet of Things, Analytics, etc.

Each has a differentiating factor and focus, but all meet the essential services of Compute, Networking, and Storage. From these, many other services are born which vary according to the direction of each company.

In what type of industry can they be used? 

The industry is independent since, as mentioned before, cloud providers have different types of services and can be adapted to all kinds of needs. These services can be for companies specializing in technology, banks, hospitals, or large companies that want to store, maintain, and make backup copies of their customers’ information. Even a small company such as a small restaurant that wants Software to keep track of orders or someone related to agronomy who wants to have control and information about their crops.

What is the experience we have at Allied Global as providers of this service? 

Allied Global’s experience with these types of services has been truly extraordinary.

We have managed to create our internal systems using different services such as computing, storage, and databases to have scalable systems in the most efficient way for the company. Currently, we have managed to be Partners of some of these large companies and provide dedicated support service to our customers.

What is our value proposition? What sets us apart from the market? 

Mainly, having people specialized in these platforms seek to solve a problem and do it most efficiently, constantly strive to help with the latest security and innovation standards, and our staff with certifications from the same providers.

What are the benefits of working with this type of platform?

The benefits are several and among which we can find:

  • Meet a greater demand instantly.
  • We are not responsible for the maintenance of the physical infrastructure, including security updates.
  • Ability to work anywhere in the world with an internet connection.
  • There is no need to consult someone or have an IT professional always involved in providing and monitoring the server or storage on the network.
  • The use of resources is monitored, controlled, and reported in advance.

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