How can PMO help my company?

What is a PMO role?

Simply put, a Project Management Office, PMO for short, is a management structure that standardizes the Project-related governance processes and facilitates the sharing of resources, methodologies, tools, and techniques, a business vertical within the solutions we offer at Allied Global. 

We must understand that each project management office is different, but there are three broad categories of PMO organized into two variables: influence and control. Each PMO solution provider will define their services within one of these categories, depending on how much power and control they exert over the projects and their contributors. The three categories are:

  • Support: This methodology acts more like a consulting project, it has less to do with direct control and more to do with influence. The support methodology seeks to provide advice to all those involved in the project.
  • Control: In this methodology, direct control is used to implement best practices. Through mechanisms to force the fulfillment of their objectives, either directly or through other leaders of the organization.
  • Directive: In this methodology, the PMO does not care about the influence of the application of the fulfillment of tasks; instead, they take responsibility for an organization’s project, thus gaining direct control of them.

What are the advantages of working with a PMO?

We know that you can’t guess if the process to be implemented is suitable for the business. The main advantage of working with a PMO is to establish the ideal strategy for your company and the project’s needs.

Thanks to this previously established process and with the solid foundations, companies can build a proactive approach to project management, and project managers can work consistently and safely on assigned tasks.

With the PMO solution, we can help our clients establish best practices, key metrics, documentation, and training needed for project managers within their company. At Allied Global, we like to exemplify the PMO as a base of operations. We are in charge of defining, maintaining, and guaranteeing quality standards in organizations for the companies or organizations to which we provide this service.

How does a PMO work?

Through a personalized roadmap, strategies adapted to the needs of companies or organizations are executed, forming part of the strategic management of the different projects, facilitating, or even having, the process of managing them. We give you full monitoring habilities so that you can be on top of the project’s progress and manage different standards and methodologies to fulfill the task.

At Allied Global, we create and maintain project documentation and best practices, metrics tracking, and constant training to inform our clients about the progress of the project and the parties involved, thus helping to prioritize and ensure compliance with previously established objectives.

We are able to work with predictive, agile or hybrid projects, using worldwide frameworks and standards such Scrum, PMBOK and other PMI related standards such program management and portfolio management.

What are the advantages of working with Allied Global as a PMO solution provider?

What differentiates us from other options in the market is our philosophy of continuous improvement and constant supervision of our work teams so that our staff can take responsibility for the quality and value of each project under their care. Also, within the management of each project, we generate different reports that are sent to the organization’s executive staff.

We help align your team around a shared vision through our PMO consulting service and create an actionable plan to get there. The PMO services at Allied Global are agile, and we guarantee the BEST results for your business, improving project and portfolio performance.

Let us execute your company’s strategy through our PMO service office. We will help you assign the right tools and designing different performance indicators, setting measurable goals, creating balanced dashboards, metrics, reports, planning, and resources specific to the fulfillment of your project.

Contact our business development team to help you achieve sustainable growth through a customized plan for your business.

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