Value Proposition

Technical Expertise

Tier one and tier two support, built on cross-vertical experience.


Customer conversations that make an emotional connection.

Continuous Improvement

Shaped delivering 4.5 million customer connections every day.

Our Approach

Tech Help Desk With a Human Touch

If your organization is serious about building brand loyalty and advocacy, you know the point of purchase is not the end of the customer journey. Post-purchase is where the journey truly begins. Beyond being certified experts, our people also have the soft skills and training necessary to deliver technical support services in line with customer expectations.

This blend of capabilities and focus on customer experience (CX) ensures they fit seamlessly into your organization – B2B or B2C – reflecting your culture while supporting your existing teams.

The goal of any customer-facing service, especially technical support, should be continuous improvement, as IT issues tend to bring out a particular form of frustration in consumers. This is especially true when the service in question is something that drives so many consumers to interruptions in their daily life. With our Allied Global® Tech Help Desk as a Service™ model, we have a customized partnership approach with superior support – a cost-effective technical support solution for you for Service Desk, Specialized Help Desk Services, and Paid Tech Support answers.

How we do it?

Multilingual highly complex support

Technical solutions for the complete customer lifecycle

Experience in wide range of industries

Offerings for ISPs, MSPs, Wireless Carriers, and other telco services

Rapid and highly effective support

Tier 1, Tier 2, Tier 3 & Tier 4


We proactively pool our resources, lessons learned, and new experiences across our client portfolio into a single best-practice knowledge base for sustained services enhancements.

Thanks to monitoring familiar call drivers, we identify which recurring issues can be resolved via self- service or automation. helping customers help themselves gives our teams even more time to dedicate their technical support expertise to handling the highest- value customer interactions. Increased loyalty and advocacy are just one resolution away.