What is Speech Analytics?

Speech Analytics are all those systems that provide us with great help to analyze the content of the calls; in any case, patterns can be detected based on the words or phrases said by the contact center agent or by the client.

In recent years, these systems have been composed of 2 parts: transcription of words and content analysis. In addition, this has led to these tools having significant advances, reaching increasingly complete analyzes, such as real-time analysis, analysis on email texts, analysis on text messages, among others.

In addition to having significant advances, these tools have specific objectives, which are:

  • Detect unknown patterns in call recordings, entails developing rankings of words or expressions that are constantly repeated.
  • Detect known patterns in real-time to make decisions.
  • Detect known patterns in call recordings. This involves detecting and quantifying when the customer mentions certain words or phrases in terms of price, incidence, competition, or the name of a specific product, to name a few examples.

These objectives allow having certain advantages, which are:

  1. Greater Profitability and Cost Reduction: In the processes, it is necessary to select, transcribe, interpret and write down too much information. It is never sure that any action, no matter how minimal, has not been considered in most companies.

With this tool, automating tares that manually would take a significant investment in time, and human resources are profitable.

  1. Business Intelligence: Speech Analytics provides complete reports on data regarding the performance and results of the entire operation in the desired period. With this tool, you can analyze the KPIs of the contact center, including business data, which allows you to apply business intelligence to strategic decisions about the operation.
  1. Know the customer: Listening to customers is vital to achieving great success in any marketing and sales strategy, which is why the Speech Analytics tool allows those opinions to transform into a deep knowledge about the preferences and needs of the clients. For example, this tool will enable you to find the answer to specific questions such as What triggers our customers’ purchase? What is the mood of the customers? What time is ideal for promoting an offer? Among others.

All this information and more is straightforward to obtain since it is hidden within the conversations that exist with customers. Hence, the implementation of this tool within your company is crucial.

For more information, feel free to contact our business development team to help you achieve sustainable growth through a customized plan for your business. Contact us at www.alliedglobal.com  

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