Web and Mobile Development: How to Stay Connected to Your Customers

As the world becomes more connected and mobile, businesses must keep up with the demand to stay related to their customers wherever they are and on whatever device they use. To do this, your business needs to have a Web or mobile presence—or both—that will allow you to interact with your customers efficiently and effectively no matter where they are or what device they’re using. These tips on staying connected to your customers through web and mobile development will help you accomplish that.

Key Components of a Successful Web/App Development

Understand Users

To determine what users need, we should watch their behavior instead of asking them since individuals frequently do not know their needs or do not communicate pertinent information. Furthermore, developers need to center on the action, not the audience. For instance, a photo-sharing site supports one step but has a broad audience.

Build what is necessary – Simple applications and web pages are the most useful because they let users concentrate on the goals they need to achieve. Having a software with many features doesn’t mean that it’s useful. Extra options could interfere with experience and navigation rather than simplify it. 

Support the user’s mental model – A mental model may be a representation of a real-life activity. For instance, a trash can icon makes the work clear without the client understanding the operating system’s inner workings.

Turn beginners into intermediates immediately – It should be easy for new users to get used to the application or web page quickly. This by showing clearly what the website is about and what can be done on it. The website should be intuitive, so the users always know what they are doing and their options.

Prevent errors – Task flow interaction is an important part that should be designed to prevent mistakes from happening. The designer should implement methods to mistake-proof the website.

Design for uniformity, consistency, and meaning – Communicating what the website is about; designing coherent websites that convey the correct meaning will give better results.

Reduce, reduce, reduce – You are applying a minimalist design that includes only those necessary features and ensuring a clear and concise website that communicates the right message to the user point to consider to start building better web applications.

Common Mistakes in Web and Mobile Development

  • Not investing enough time in research and development
    • Most mobile apps fail not because they don’t have a good idea or developers but because they lack market research. Scribble down topics to cover before building an app to help you create a wireframe of your application and multiply its success in the market. Also, these are some questions you can ask yourself before starting the development of the app/web:
        • What purpose does your app solve?
        • Who are its users? Where do they live? What do they do? How much do they earn? In short, everything.
        • What is the competition level in the market?
        • What are the basic functionalities that all your competitors possess?
        • Where do you want to see your app in the next few years?
  • Not building an MVP
    • A Minimum Viable Product or MVP acts as four walls for your mobile app. It is created to understand if the basic features of your app or web work fine. Try to focus on the core components of the app and the reason why users would download this mobile app. 
  • Focusing on too many features
    • Integrating too many features would confuse the user, and they can lose interest. Once you have discovered the problem you want your app or web page to solve for the users, try sticking to features that complement its objective. 
  • We are not focusing on the UI/UX.
    • User experience is one of the most important things that determine the success of your web/app. How you present it to your audience, it’s what is essential. For incorporating excellent UI in your web page or app, think like one of your users, not a developer.
  • Not enough testing
    • App testing or web testing is not a highly complex process, but it does require patience and observance, and it’s better if experts make it, this will assure you results. 
  • They are not choosing the right development team.
    • Web/app development is an important project, so having an expert team of developers must be a priority. One of the biggest mistakes is trying to save money in this fundamental part.

The Dos and Don’ts of Customer Communication

Customer service is crucial in almost every business and its success. It helps build genuine relationships and enables you to gain strong advocates for your business.


  • Show empathy
  • Practice clear communication
  • Always follow up
  • Be quick to respond


  • Lose your cool
  • Avoid accountability
  • Make promises you can’t keep
  • Treat customers differently

 Why is a landing page so crucial for mobile apps?

Landing pages can lead the call to action on mobile apps, giving unlimited benefits to each established and developing business. The landing pages are the most holistic portion of the mobile app and can help guarantee higher success rates for the companies and games they are created. Specialists say that it will become very troublesome to find the apps on the network without landing pages.

 Google Alerts

Google Alerts is a free notification tool developed by Google that sends an email whenever your brand or name is mentioned on websites that are part of Google.

Google Alerts are valuable for monitoring news about your company, keeping current on a competitor in your industry, remaining on top of industry news, and much more.

Focus on communication, not automation

Communication is essential for any business; without clear communication, chaos is bound to occur internally and externally. That is why even though we might use automation to facilitate communication, automation will never replace the transmission. Remaining relevant while automation disrupts communication is essential, and developing a skill set that cannot be automated too. Catering to the needs of an individual is a uniquely human ability. No machine can mimic itDeveloping mobile or web pages is no easy task. It takes months of planning, execution, and trying. But with a team of expert developers applying these tips, a weight can be lifted off your shoulders.

Hiring a web/app developer service has a lot of benefits and offers solutions to many common problems. If you are ready to apply these services to your company, we are what you are looking for. Please get in touch with us at alliedITS.com and get more information.

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