Volcano Innovation Summit: The Future of Work

Volcano Innovation Summit is a global initiative that acts as a platform to exchange visions and experiences. Driven by the mission to incorporate Latin America into the worldwide network of innovation, science, and culture by connecting businesses, entrepreneurs, creative leaders, and investors to exchange experiences, conversation, and inspiration.

The event brought together world leaders from all fields; digital, corporate, financial, telecom, cyber, energy, mobile, sustainability, and more.

Guatemala has been the hub for the third time to the summit, taking advantage of the country´s location as a bridge between North, Central, and South America. This year Allied Global had the opportunity to become one of the event´s main sponsors. 

Oscar García Colon, our Chief Technology Officer at Allied Global Technology Services, had the opportunity to speak at the summit; this was his experience:

“Volcano summit is at the level of any other high standard international event. Speakers from all over the globe, exciting topics, tracks, and excellent delivery of the content were the key venue. With more than 1400 entrepreneurs and corporate investors at the event, I was honored to talk about The Future of Work. I shared our thoughts about education and Technology with other panelists and how they will continue to impact the way we work.

Our track was full of attendees where we, as Allied Global Technology Services, shared with the audience how we participate in universities and in different chambers to promote education on Technology for future generations.

Technology already transcends the way we learn and work as we go through the singularity process in which Technology is so embedded in the day-to-day activities that we cannot reverse or avoid its use. That is why we help and support our customers and organizations by adopting emerging technologies and strategies that will make the workforce “futuristic.”

How is Allied Global adapting to the FUTURE OF WORK

At Allied Global Technology Services, we embraced and used Technology to increase our engineering services, adapting how things evolve and how we do our work—helping our customers transform themselves through our high-tech service adoption on them.

Being part of such important events is always an honor, as well as sharing our knowledge and gaining more from every leader present. Learning never stops, and events where we can learn from experiences, like the Volcano summit, are a great way to do so. 

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