How to Stay Motivated And Achieve Your 2023 Goals

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Around 2 months ago you sat down and settled your goals for the whole year. You either wrote those goals or sat down to do a vision board or settled on just saying them out loud and believing you could do so.

However, staying motivated around the whole year in able to achieve your 2023 New Year Resolutions can be difficult because often when we set our resolutions, we’re dreaming big. Sometimes you can even say you had too high expectations. Around this time your fitness goals might seem to big or just a farfetched idea. You probably settled your goals on doing exercise for at least 6 days a week and now with a huge workload and back to your normal chaotic routine you’ve only been able to work out 2 times a week. Or you started your year thinking you could speak fluid english and so far you haven’t been able to sign up to a class. This idea keeps you frustrated because you are not able to get the measurement you thought you would pre new year.

Work your resolutions

You are now wondering how you’ll be able to achieve those fitness, economic, personal o profesional goals now that you are realizing you can’t handle what you thought you could.

The good news is that there are ways to stay motivated in spite of those setbacks. Here are some tips on how to stay motivated throughout the year:

1) Start small. Don’t go from zero exercise all the way up to doing exercise everyday. Just like you can’t learn english in a single day. There is so much you can do little by little, day by day. Try breaking down the week into working out periods or even class and reviews periods. This way you’ll be able to see these small goals working out day by day.

2) Set realistic goals. Now that you realize that you can only fit 2 days of work outs into your work week. You can set your goals to working out at least twice during work and have an active weekend. Like going for a walk or a hike or just trying to stay active.

3) Remember to create SMART goals. We understand that re doing the goals you set at the beginning of the year can be kind of tedious. However, if you re work your goals on the SMART way, this will be even simpler for you to visualize them.

Understand that SMART goals need to be- specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, and timely goals.

4) Keep a positive mind and attitude. It’s ok to be unmotivated sometimes but remember that you must believe in yourself and your abilities, this way you will be more likely to succeed.

5) Ask for help anytime you need it. Sometimes to be able to achieve your goals you need a little push from someone else besides yourself. Remember there is no shame in admitting you need some help, assistance or even just company and words of wisdom. Just make sure you choose a person that is wise, supportive and will be glad to help you.

6) Last but not least remember why you choose this goal when you start to feel unmotivated. Why did you choose to loose weight? Why did you start the english classes? Or why did you choose this growth for your career and personal life? When you remember the goal and have this special sentiment around it you will be reminding yourself or your original motivation. This can help you stay focused when things get rough.

Don’t worry about the time that has passed remember you are still in time to change your goals and accomplish these business or personal goals. Make sure you make your goals SMART and keep in mind everything that made you want to accomplish these life changing events. No matter how small the progress is day by day. Remember a little change day by day is better than no change at all.

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