How to recognize excellence in work teams?

Public recognition is essential for people; being recognized with their peers, by other accounts and areas, and throughout the company positively affects our team’s performance.

As the name implies, TOP Performers, is a recognition program that rewards and celebrates allies’ talent based on their monthly metrics. With this program, we seek to incentivize our agents’ performance and commitment in their execution of jobs, seeking the continuous improvement and self-management of our work teams. Agents who obtain the best metrics during the month, meeting all the specific quality requirements, get this award.

Therefore, recognizing in this way the commitment to its work generates in our allies a sense of belonging to the company, developing a pleasant and sustainable working climate. They are recognized in this award and made known how much they are worth and are an essential part of Allied Global.

With these kinds of awards and celebrations, we not only honor their achievements and commitments. We commit ourselves to our agents, reinforcing one of our main pillars as a company, working to have a place that appreciates, honors, and celebrates the excellence, dedication, commitment, and effort they put day by day into the performance of their tasks.

We are incredibly proud to count on this program because recognizing our work teams’ effort is vital for constructing workspaces with a pleasant and sustainable working climate.

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