Everything you need to know on Demand Generation?

What is Demand Generation?

Part of the most challenging solutions of a business is being able to make a brand wanted for their products and services. 

In order to do so, demand generation is looking for the best prospects based on their behaviors and being able to guide them through a very nurturing process so the sales teams are able to receive high qualified leads. 

A functioning demand generation strategy is one that is able to touch every touchpoint in the buyer’s journey all the way from a new visitor to a delighted customer. The most important thing to keep in mind is that this is a strategy that takes time. Since it concentrates on multiple touchpoints, campaigns and pieces of content that brings your brand to life.

What is demand generation?

From the name we can tell that it’s all about creating demand for a product but it’s far more than that. Realizing that nowadays industries need to create a brand to customer relationship it is the key to this term. With this idea you can understand that demand generation serves as an umbrella that covers all marketing and sales initiatives from every touchpoint in the customer’s journey. Remember it’s just so much more than tricking a client into buying but just providing the right information to the right people 

Stages of demand generation 

Since demand generation is such a big concept we have written for you the hardest part, where to start. Here are some of the five stages of a successful campaign. 

Everything you need to know on Demand Generation
  • Define your goals

You can start from the end and identify the end goals of the campaign in order to start the plan. Remember to have a clear plan of the results you want to achieve, how you want to achieve them will come later. Take into consideration these goals need to be specific, clear, measurable, attainable, relevant and time bound. 

  • Understand your audience

Before you define what programs and where to attack your users you need to know who youre targeting. 

Understanding your audience is a great help when you target your marketing. This means you can be more precise and will be able to complement your buyer persona. In this research you should be able to understand roles, needs, objectives and everything that inspires your customer to buy. 

Remember we live in a very technological era and customers are overloaded with information constantly. Taking into consideration ad blockers, email opt- outs, etc has given customers more control of the brands they choose to engage with. It is easy for customers to reject and ignore brands that don’t respect their preferences. 

  • Create your content

After you have defined your goals and understood your audience it is time to start producing content, always thinking on the marketing funnel in order to create. 

The top funnel stage must be about content that builds brand awareness and drives a small desire. 

The mid funnel will be about educating the buyers and giving them solutions to the challenges they face. 

At the end and final funnel you must offer demos, case studies and elements that help you sell your product as the best and right choice. 

  • Locate and distribute

Being able to deliver your content to the right audience through the right place in order for the mix to cover different channels is the best way to go. You can pick channels such as email, social, direct email, live events etc. Always take into consideration the funnel and the stages you are in. 

  • Measuring results 

You must be able to know if your goal was achieved through results that are measurable. This is why at the beginning of the stages we explained to have measurable goals. This way you are able to determine, track and see how achievable goals were. 

Remember when it comes to demand generation you must give your prospects something new and great. Provide useful content to them and give them information that helps them qualify as a lead. Be fun and original in order to not get lost through this whole process and finally just keep testing and trying. Find out what works and doesn’t for your business. By doing this you will improve your engagements, effectiveness and campaigns. 

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