Contact Center vs Call Center, Which One Does Your Company Need?

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Is your business in need of a call center or a contact center? Even though you can use these terms together or similarly, you must understand the difference between a call center and a contact center. An efficient customer experience is influenced by the way you apply both. 

Contact Center vs Call Center

A call center is focused on voice calls. Through these calls, a call center provides customer service. It interacts with individual channels, which in some cases, they can have and implement a complete customer journey. On the other hand, a contact center gives its customers the opportunity to contact them through calls and whichever channel they choose. 

A contact center can be more beneficial to a company and its customers because it can handle on average time, faster contact resolution, and increase productivity. Below you can read the most common and outstanding differentiators between call centers and contact centers to highlight their strengths and weaknesses.

What Is a Call Center?

Call centers focus on phone calls. They incorporate IVR (Interactive Voice Response) systems to monitor, analyze and understand the metrics to improve the quality of their services. 

When a call center handles one call, a contact center can manage up to five customer communications: text messages, emails, live chats, forums, and phone calls. 

Call centers have an advantage when it comes to phone demand interaction. Calls come as an effective solution to product and service-related problems. Smartphones worldwide encourage customers to call with just one click in hand. 

What is a Contact Center?

Contact centers branch out to different mediums by using data from other sources, which helps create a more detailed customer profile. With these detailed profiles, customer experience can be improved since you can predict a customer’s behavior. 

With internet access around the globe, customers can quickly find answers to solve their problems before actually turning to a call.

Contact centers can be helped with this multi-channel approach to clients. However, once a customer needs to reach the point of a call, issues can be more complex and require a customer service agent to solve. 

It all comes down to customer experience. Sometimes, traditional phone calls can have an advantage over modern technology. Well-trained call center agents can provide personalized human touch and interaction while communicating over the phone. 

Choosing a contact center over a call center or vice versa can be tricky without knowing your company’s needs. Remember, it’s all about the business theme, the communication, and your buyer persona. Keep in mind that a contact center for healthcare can’t be similar to a contact center in retail. 

Make sure to have your priorities set and understand your customer experience before deciding. For these decisions, you need the best partner you can get. Now ask yourself, “What factors drive my company’s decision in choosing a call center vs. a contact center?”

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