Align your development and operations teams to optimize quality delivery by bringing lean principles, practices and automation together with advanced technology and tools.

DevOps overview

  • Cloud Managed Services: We do everything you need to Build, Maintain, Support and scale cloud infrastructure. We help you to implement the best and most modern tools for your cloud environments.
  • Microservices Architechture: Convert your actual monolithic application to microservices using Docker, Kubernetes, AWS ECS, AWS ECR and more. isolate your services with microservices and receive all the benefits from changing your architecture.
  • Cloud Migration: Integrate your application in the cloud. By living in the cloud your application will automatically receive a boost. There are a lot of services that we will help you to make your application faster, reliable and secure.
  • CI and CD: Build CI/CD pipelines. implement microservices architectures in the AWS Cloud and leverage the best practices and methodologies for your application.
  • Configuration and Management: Managing clusters Web servers, Database servers, Caching servers can be a pain, we know it. Let us help you by using the right tools to configure and administrate all your cloud environments.
  • DevOps Consultancy: Architect any application with the AWS DevOps tools with operational excellence, security, and reliability. We will help you to implement or improve your DevOps processes.