Project Management Office

The project management office, PMO for short, is a business vertical within the solutions we have at Allied Global. This business vertical is responsible for defining, maintaining, and guaranteeing quality standards within project management within the organizations to which we provide this service.

Through a customized roadmap, we execute strategies tailored to our client’s needs, being part of the strategic management of the different projects, facilitating, or even having, the process of managing them.

Through these processes, we can monitor and inform our clients about the project’s progress and manage different standards and methodologies to fulfill the task.

We also create and maintain project documentation and best practices, metric tracking, and constant training to report on the progress of the project to our clients and the parties involved, thus helping to prioritize and ensure the fulfillment of the objectives set.

What sets us apart from other options in the market is our philosophy of continuous improvement and constant supervision of our work teams so that our staff can take responsibility for the quality and value of each project under their care. Also, within the management of each project, we generate different reports and reporting to the organization’s executive staff.

Let us execute your company’s strategy through our PMO Service office, assigning the right tools and designing different performance indicators, setting measurable goals, creating balanced dashboards, metrics, reports, planning, and specific resources for your project fulfillment.

We managed to align your team around a standard view of the final state through our PMO Consulting service and created an actionable plan to get there. Our PMO services are agile, and we guarantee better results to your business, improving project and portfolio performance.

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