Leveraging education for economic development

Overview of the industry in the lens of Allied Global

by Manuel Gordo, CEO Allied Global

As an active member of the BPO and Contact Centers industry and CEO of Allied Global, I pride myself of being part of a highly promising movement in Guatemala: the journey towards building capacities in order to unleash the impact of economic development.

I felt the urge to hit my computer and blog about my great hopes with regards to this industry, to which I whole-heartedly form part of and thrive to bring to higher levels through the power of people. In a period of 10 years, this industry in Guatemala has managed to generate more than 36,500 direct and 87,500 indirect jobs. For the past year, 14 industry-leading companies have joined efforts in a united front to boost the industry by financing more and more projects that enhance employment by building on our human resources. It is precisely here and now that I believe that if our current business models in the sector gain momentum and become sustainable, it will become a sector which provides welfare for Guatemalans and for future generations.

It is without a doubt that I acknowledge that education and training for our people is, therefore, the main thrust in this journey towards development

Our industry is based on people and requires a great amount of responsibility to develop technically equipped agents who carry themselves with the highest industry standards in professional skills. In this regard, it is necessary that all industry leaders embrace the commitment with its labor force. Additionally, It is key that local and federal governments foster an environment of innovation and prosperity to welcome more talent in the ranks of industries and its driving forces. On this high note, I want to leave you with this quote “The best way to predict the future is to create it” as Peter Drucker said, inviting us to take risks, to be bold, to work hard to reach our goals and make decisions when the momentum is there, to harvest the fruits in the future.